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Wellness Tourism and Transformational Travel

Wellness Tourism and Transformational Travel

Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism has evolved considerably over the past few years with the Covid 19 pandemic highlighting an urgent need for us all to take better care of our mental and physical wellbeing.


Some of our guests want to maintain a routine of fitness and healthy eating and we offer:

E-biking to an eco-reserve

Ocean kayaking/ SUP/ snorkel

Hiking to the highest points on the islands

Ocean beach yoga.

Transformational Travel

 “Transformational Travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging in the world.” TTC.

Our guests sometimes want to focus on the objective of taking time out from the stress of daily living to improve their personal health and wellbeing. We provide the backdrop and expertise for them to be able to immerse themselves in nature and our community to create a unique, authentic and transformative experience:

Eco Farm to Table Cooking

Female group travel (various age groups) (Land or Cruise)

Wellbeing Retreat - Yoga/Active adventure (Land)

Wildlife Swim

Wildlife Photography Retreat with global or local expert (Land/Cruise)

Cycling Tour (Land)

Birdwatching (Land)

Fitness Retreat


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