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Is it safe to travel to the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon now?

It is absolutely safe to visit the Galapagos Islands, Quito and the Amazon now. Ecuador is under a State of Emergency for 2 months until 8 March 2024, this includes a daily curfew some places in mainland Ecuador such as Quito from 12pm to 5am whilst President Noboa aims to restore peace and security to the country. Airports, tours and cruises remain operational without any problems. There is no curfew or any restrictions on the Galapagos Islands.

What are the current entry requirements for Ecuador and Galapagos for tourists?

With effect from 16 February 2023 the below entry requirements are in place for International tourists.

Ecuador - International tourists

- Valid passport or travel document

- Return air ticket to/from Ecuador

- Completion of an online Traveler's Health Declaration Form (one per person) prior to boarding a flight to Ecuador only if you have any covid symptoms like a high temperature.

- Travel insurance certificate with medical cover (mandatory)

Galapagos - International tourists

- Valid passport or travel document

- Return air ticket to/from the Galapagos Islands

- Electronic boarding pass

- Travel insurance certificate with medical cover (mandatory)

- Payment of Galapagos entry fees for the Transit Control Card (TCT) (at Quito or Guayaquil airports) and Galapagos National Park fee in cash (on arrival at Baltra or San Cristobal airports).

Where are the Galapagos Islands located?

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean spread across both sides of the Equator Line, 1000 km (605 miles) to the west of South America. The Islands are part of Ecuador, which is also the closest land mass to them.

Which time zone is the Galapagos Islands in?

The Galapagos Islands are GMT (-6hrs). Please note British summer time is GMT (+1hr).

Do I need a visa to visit Ecuador?

No, all tourists receive a free 90 day visa when they enter Ecuador.

How do I get to the Galapagos Islands?

To travel to the Galapagos, you will need to take a flight from mainland Ecuador. You can fly either from the capital city Quito or the coastal city of Guayaquil.

You will need a domestic flight to either Seymour Airport in Baltra (just north of Santa Cruz Island) or San Cristobal Airport using one of the following airlines: Avianca, Equair or LATAM. These all operate daily flights from Quito and Guayaquil with return flights costing around $500.

What is the official currency in Ecuador?

The US dollar has been the official currency in Ecuador since 2000. It is advisable to bring US dollars with you although there are a few ATM’s in Puerto Ayora. Some restaurants, hotels and tour agencies on the 4 inhabited islands (Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal and Floreana) accept credit cards but might charge you up to 12% extra for the privilege.

Do I need to get vaccinations before visiting the Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands?

You do not need to get any vaccinations before visiting Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands on our experiences. If you plan to travel to other areas of Ecuador, especially in the Amazon it is advisable to get certain vaccinations such as to protect against yellow fever. You should always consult your doctor/ health nurse well in advance of your trip.

When is the best time to visit the Galapagos?

The Galapagos Islands are a great place to visit all year around as they lie on the equator line so the climate is subtropical. In terms of wildlife highlights, January is a great time to see nesting green turtles, with land birds and sea lions breeding or nesting between February and April and giant tortoises hatching between October and December.

There are only 2 seasons here, the warm season which runs from December to June and ‘the Garua’ season which runs from July to November.

During the warm season air temperatures can vary from the high 70’s F to the low 90’s F with up to 90% humidity and brilliant sunshine, this can be broken by periods of rain. The peak tourist season for southern hemisphere summer holidays is December to February so flights and accommodation are higher then.

The Garua season is cooler and more overcast with air temperatures rarely exceeding 75 F. The peak tourist season for northern hemisphere summer holidays is June to September so flights and accommodation are higher then.

Are there any restrictions to what we can bring into the Galapagos Islands?

Products, by-products and derivatives of animal and plant origin that are transported to the Galápagos province must comply with the general rules and specific requirements established by the Agencia de la Bioseguridad y Cuarantena para Galapagos (ABG).

Prohibited items include certain fruits like oranges, certain animal and dairy products.

Restricted items include fruits like peaches, some dried fruits and vegetables like garlic, seeds and plants and other animal and dairy products.

Permitted items include fruits like strawberries, certain seafood and dairy products and a number of herbs, spices, cereal and grains such as chick peas and rosemary.

We will send you the full list when you book your experience.

What are the rules for visiting the Galapagos National Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve?

Which flora, fauna and wildlife will I see during my Galapagos experience?

Your booking link will display your itinerary in more detail including which flora, fauna and wildlife you are likely to see during your experience.

What are the group sizes on the Uniquely Galapagos experiences?

Our group sizes range from a minimum of 2 people for the tailor-made experiences to a maximum of 8 people for the small group experiences. This enables our guides in Ecuador and those specializing in the Galapagos to be able to manage our groups effectively and provide a more bespoke service to individuals when required.

Do I need to be fit to join any of the Uniquely Galapagos experiences?

You will need a good level of fitness for all of our experiences as they include hiking in sometimes hot weather as well as snorkeling (Galapagos) and a few early morning starts.

Are there any charges for paying by credit or debit card?

The best way to pay to for your experience is by bank transfer. Bank transfers from Ecuadorian bank accounts are free. Other international bank transfers will cost between 1% and 1.9%. Credit or Debit card payments will cost between 2.9% or 3.9%. Once you are ready to book your experience and you have confirmed the date of your experience to us, we will send you a payment link to complete your booking.

How much should I tip on my Uniquely Galapagos experience?

Tips are totally at your discretion but if you feel you received a great service from your guide then we recommend tipping $10 per person per day.

What should I pack for my Uniquely Galapagos experience(s)?

It all depends which experiences(s) you take as the biodiversity varies greatly from the Andes to the Amazon to the Galapagos. The below list should help you pack.
  • Swimwear
  • Sandals
  • Shorts
  • Long trousers (Andes and Amazon only)
  • T-shirts
  • Long sleeved tops
  • Warm waterproof jacket (Andes and Amazon only)
  • Light waterproof jacket
  • Micro fleece/light jumper
  • Walking shoes (Andes and Amazon only)
  • Binoculars
  • Trainers
  • Camera
  • Personal medication
  • Sunscreen (waterproof SPF 30 Galapagos only)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Travel adapter
  • Insurance documentation
  • Passport
  • Money (US$ cash in small denominations)
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • Can we use credit cards for payment of meals and settling bills?

    In most quality restaurants and hotels in Ecuador and the Galapagos credit and debit cards are accepted and usually there is no charge for using them.

    Are there ATM's where I can withdraw cash from?

    There are plenty of ATM's in Quito and Santa Cruz, some in San Cristobal but only one in Isabela. Recommoend that you take $US with you to Isabela.

    What type of electrical connection/plugs do I need to bring?

    The electrical power in Ecuador is 220V and 60HZ.We use a flat two pin plug which is the same as North America.


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