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Pan Animalia Galapagos

Pan Animalia Galapagos

Pan Animalia Galapagos

We are proud to partner with the Pan Animalia Galapagos (PAG) in our local community, providing strategic support as a member of their board of directors and as their official travel partner.
Introduction to Pan Animalia
Pan Animalia is a UK Registered CIO Foundation that launched its project ‘Galapagos Animal Doctors (GAD)’ in the summer of 2020. The project will open a veterinary clinic in the town of Puerto Ayora in January 2022 in order to promote animal health and welfare through its engagement within the community and its support of sterilisation and vaccination campaigns by the local government in Santa Cruz. The project aims to contribute to the efforts of conservation through its approach from a different angle; the growing conflict between domesticated animals and wildlife. 

The project has five primary objectives: 

1. Sterilisation: control the rate of domestic animal population growth and reduce their encroachment on habitats through sterilisation procedures. For a population of domestic animals to remain stable, 70% of the population need to be neutered. 

2. Healthcare: provide accessible and professional veterinary healthcare for domestic animal health and welfare through the services provided at the clinic. 

3. Vaccination: prevent the emergence of disease outbreak, reduce the number of infectious disease reservoirs, and lessen the risks of infectious disease transmission to wildlife. 

4. Education: develop education programmes locally in association with the local foundation NovaGalapagos in order to promote the welfare of the domesticated animals and appreciation for managing their health and population. 

5. Conservation: to collectively contribute to the conservation of the Galapagos Islands as a result of the management of the domesticated species impact on the biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands. 

 Pan Animalia Galapagos Foundation @pananimalia Charity Registration Number 1189787



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