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Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism has evolved considerably over the past few years with the Covid 19 pandemic highlighing an urgent necessity for us all to take care of our mental and phyiscal wellbeing.

In the early 21st Century health spas, beauty and pampering breaks defined this type of tourism. More recently there has been a paradigm shift to focus on fitness, healthy eating, nature and mental wellbeing.

Wellness Tourism can be split into two pillars. Some clients solely want to maintain a routine of fitness and healthy eating when traveling, whilst others want to take time out from the stress of daily living to improve their personal health and wellbeing.

Uniquely Galapagos Wellness Experiences

Our Wellness experiences on the Galapagos Islands cover both these pillars and include Eco farm to table Ecuadorian cooking with a chef, Pacific Ocean Beach Yoga, Ocean Kayaking with a naturalist guide and Eco Biking to a ecological nature reserve with a naturalist guide.




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